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Matricaria chamomilla


Our German Chamomile has self seeded it self in our garden for many years now. Our main concern with getting a good crop off is ensuring that the weeds are at a minimum and that we are able to pick it by hand every 3 to 4 days when it is blooming in June. We can usually only spend an hour or two picking part of the patch due to the strain on the back. Once we have picked the whole field once we go to the beginning and it is ready to pick again.  

Chamomile has a  sweet slightly apple flavour and can be used to make a calming tea or even as a culinary herb in oatmeal or custards, gonna have to try that on the little Chickadees. Many cultures recognize the healing properties of Chamomile.  it is soothing for colds and has been reputed to help people sleep. 

This information is for educational purposes only. Consult with a qualified herbalist when using any botanical product to treat specific injuries, ailments or medical conditions.

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