Our Garden

The garden is in a beautiful location on the banks of the Pembina River. The river actually flows around the garden on three sides. Fortunately we are high enough above the water level that we have never been flooded (we came close in 1985, but the water still stopped well below the garden).

This is a peaceful spot. It is also ideally suited to growing herbs. The ground is sandy and well drained, there is lots of sunshine, and the surrounding forest protects the garden from harsh winds. The neighbouring farm fields are all more than half a kilometer away from the garden, so we do not have to worry about anything drifting into our garden.

The land for the garden was cleared from the boreal forest by us in 1979, so the garden ground has never been contaminated. We have been certified organic by the Organic Producers Association of Manitoba since 2003. But we have always used sustainable farming methods and have never used herbicides, even prior to be being certified.

One of our guiding principles is that we sell only herbs that we grow in our garden or wildcraft in the forests near our farm. We began our herb business by selling at a farmer’s market in Edmonton in the early 1990s. Although we are now selling in many natural food stores across Alberta , BC and other provinces, we only sell our own herbs because we want guarantee our customers that the herbs they bought came from our farm.