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We are continually asked by our customers ‘What is this herb good for?’.

All of our herbs have well-recognized medicinal properties, and we have many years of experience using our herbs for our family and our farm animals. However, we are not trained to provide recommendations on specific therapeutic uses. Information on using herbal plants for medicinal purposes is now more available than ever through trained herbalists, reliable internet sources and even conventional medical practitioners. We recommend that you consult these types of resources before using herbal plants for medicinal purposes.

Here are two ways to make an excellent cup of tea with loose herb (and clean up afterwards):

Hot Water Infusion

  1. Boil the water.
  2. Rinse the tea pot, or cup with hot water and place your loose herb in the pot or an infuser.
  3. When the water has boiled immediately pour the water over the herb.
  4. Let the tea steep for 2 to 5 minutes. If you like really strong you may want to let it steep for 10 minutes or longer.
  5. Pour the tea into your favorite mug, use a sieve if you did not use an infuser and you don’t want leaves in your cup.
  6. Add sweetener if you like.


How to clean out your teapot or jar

If you did not use an infuser, the trick to getting loose tea leaves out of your tea pot is to flush them out with a bit of water. Pour enough water into the teapot to ‘float’ the leaves. Then swirl the water a couple times and pour the water and tea leaves out of the top of the teapot into a sieve to catch the leaves. Discard the leaves by banging the sieve on the edge of your garbage or compost pail.

The same methods works just as well for cleaning tea leaves out of a jar.

Different types of infusers: